Sunday, November 4, 2012

Version 3 deployed.

I know this post come a little bit late, but well, version 3 is deployed :)

Haven't got much time recently, just manage to redesigned the main page, added 2013 holidays to it. What i currently working on is rewrite this shit with roboguice and ABS (Action Bar Sherlock), this sure will put this stuff in a easy way to maintain and completely new look!

What i currently doing and plan to do:
1) Multiple states selection.
This really hits me, i such an idiot i dint think about this, thanks to a user commented on this, i will work for this for the first priority.

2) Rewriting the code with roboguice and ABS

3) Redesign the UI in a way that look professional and Malaysian style. (blue, red and yellow theme)

4) More configuration, selection to show past year holidays, widget background color change, opacity selections and etc.

Thanks for supporting my app!!!


  1. hi bro..would like to request another import active holiday into phone calendar rather than one by one..

    1. hi Bro,

      Here is the problem, if i do this, people will add all the holiday into calendar and uninstall my app. :p

      i will lost the little advertisement fee for that, and that little earning keep me motivated for supporting this app.

      Hope you understand.